Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

KCK Legends is determined to highlight the rich history and heritage of Kansas City, Kansas. Often overlooked by our sister city on the other side of the river, we are focused on putting KCK on the map. We believe that our story is just as important to tell as any other city in this country. 

Our collection will intentionally pay homage to the staples within our community, offer tribute to important landmarks, and give our people a sense of Wyandotte pride that will undoubtedly spread throughout the area. Two of the three founders were born and raised in KCK. The third founder is a transplant from Wichita, KS, and he is a testament that you don’t have to grow up here to represent the town. Similarly, people who grew up in KCK have moved to other cities and countries. We are excited to provide them with a piece of home that they can be proud to wear. 

We are working diligently to help inspire change in our economic condition through fashion, business, and partnership. Our positive vibes are aimed to overshadow the negative stigma that our city has grown accustomed to in recent years. The best is yet to come for the town!